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June 20, 2013 — by @karrisaarinen

Since starting Kippt, we have used Kippt to build Kippt. It’s extremely useful and soothing when you have a single shared place for all of the important stuff.

Press talks about our startup? Cool - let’s save it our press list. Find interesting news about our industry? I will share this to our team. Having a ideas for the next release? Let’s make a note out of it.

However, while using Kippt like this and talking to other companies who did the same, we have found out it wasn’t always a breeze. Getting your team to use any new tool is never easy. What about privacy and security? Keeping your own clips separate from company collections?

“Effective companies tend to communicate more, their people are curious and they have opinions.

We realised that even though Kippt can be useful for companies, their needs differ quite a lot from individuals.

While exploring this problem and talking to companies about it, we saw more and more need for this. Effective companies tend to communicate more, their people are curious and they have opinions.

Our new product, Inc, is built for those companies and teams.

Meet Inc, a better tool for companies to effectively share and collect knowledge

You can share links to your team, make notes (ideas, memos or questions) and discuss about important files. Inc ends up as your private company knowledge base, where ideas, discussions and decisions are archived in one place. And everything is searchable.

In Inc everyone can see who has seen what, so you don’t need to wonder if people have actually checked the things you post. Also if a new person joins your company, they can easily get up to speed on important resources.

Inc respects your focus, it’s there when you need it. If you don’t have time during the day, you’ll get a daily email summary about things you haven’t seen yet. And did I mention we also have an OS X client?

If you want to join companies that communicate better, and get rid of annoying company wide email spam or dead “company social networks”, join Inc today with your Google Apps or company email.

Go to SendtoInc.com

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