Introducing new Kippt Pro

June 11, 2013 — by @karrisaarinen

Kippt Pro

For many, Kippt is a professional tool, and as such, it sets a high bar for the product. To meet this, we want to give something our most active users, by introducing new premium features for Kippt.

List Folders

List folders

One most visible addition of the new features is the list folders. Folders are new way to group lists in to meaningful collections, say Design or Development, which then can have multiple lists about different topics. It took us a while to get the concept right and we hope that you like how folders are now implemented.

The search also got more powerful for Pro users. You can search everything, including the page content of the links you have saved. For example there specific quote you’re trying find from a article, you can now find it easily with the advanced search.

Premium Imports

Importing links from browsers and other services got better. As a pro user, when you use the import tool, we’ll now fetch the content and media for all the links you decided bring over to Kippt.

To view all the features and to upgrade your account today, visit

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