How creative agency TOKY uses Kippt for research and to sharpen their minds

May 17, 2013 — by @karrisaarinen

Creative agency TOKY did a great posts about how they use Kippt for their industry research and for building their culture:

How We Work: Using The TOKY Research Library to Maintain Sanity & Be Sharper For Our Clients

While we spend a great deal of our time here at TOKY crafting concrete deliverables for our clients — identities and websites, videos and books — there’s another strategic role we play, one that’s fairly constant: We read and watch and reflect. We look ahead and recommend. Whether we’re discussing an emerging trend with clients over coffee, or delivering a full boardroom presentation, having organized, at-hand research means our minds are sharper, our thoughts clearer, our counsel more firmly rooted in the real world.

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