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April 10, 2013 — by @jorilallo

Kippt’s API is little over year old now. It’s been a fantastic experience as we never expected how much it would be used for different kinds of apps or hacks. Personally it’s also the first API I have ever designed and build from the ground up so it’s hard not to get excited. Overall it has changed the way how we build Kippt as a product and a company to be more open about things (remember our open sourced extensions?)

Today we’re releasing Kippt’s new API to the public. It’s the same exact API that powers our web service which you’re familiar already. In terms of openness we wanted to open it complete for the public, even the parts we still consider to change in near future. This means that you can build your own version of Kippt and some people have already done this: during our alpha period Alex Robinson updated his Kippster app for iOS (formelly know as Clippt) to support the new API and Kippt’s social features. This came to us as a complete surprise and it’s been fantastic to follow the development as Alex has used a private Kippt list to gather feedback and comments regarding his beta builds.

As part of the new API we’re also publishing a complete developer site at and new API documentation is now moved to GitHub. As both projects are now publicly accessible at GitHub, and licensed under MIT, anyone can follow changes and even make improvements to them.

As part of the developer site we also added an app gallery where 3rd party developers can feature their apps, hacks and libraries. There’s already a good amount of projects listed including:

On behalf of Kippt I hope you enjoy the new API and all the apps that people are creating for it. If you want to keep up with the latest developments, follow us on Twitter or join our developer mailing list.


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