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March 19, 2013 — by @jorilallo

When we started building Kippt a couple of years ago, it was meant for saving and sharing links for ourselves. Since then the idea of collecting and finding useful information has grown on us. A few months ago we began to design Kippt from the ground up based on our experience and the thousands of feedback emails we have received during the past year.

The new Kippt is designed on the idea that everything can be referenced by a URL. A website, an article, a video, a note and a file can all have a URL and in most cases already do (just think about Google Docs and Dropbox). Not only does it make them accessible from the browser, but it makes things instantly sharable.

This is where we think the web has outgrown old-fashioned bookmarking: a link itself doesn’t say much about the content. Storing a link in itself isn’t valuable – it should be the content.

And this is where the new Kippt is different. Based on the content of the object you save, we do our best to show it on Kippt. On top of usual articles and videos we support everything from Dribbble shots to GitHub repositories and Speakerdeck presentations. We’ll be adding support for new services in the future but it’s already likely that we support your favorite services and content.

We want you to be able to save anything you find online and find it easily later, would that be after 5 minutes or 5 months. With the new Kippt you get a quick look at the content, we make it searchable based on the content and you can collect useful articles, videos or inspirational images into lists that can be shared with your friends or co-workers. Kippt is built for professionals who work on the web and depend on their knowledge.

During our beta period we have seen people use Kippt in more ways than we expected:

  • Collect design inspiration from Dribbble and Behance
  • Build a company-wide reading list of useful articles
  • Save useful GitHub repositories and blog posts when learning a new programming language
  • Research for school paper
  • Store your favorite music from Youtube and Soundcloud
  • Collections of animated gifs (yes, gifs are support in Kippt)

In addition to a more visual approach we’re also introducing notes that can be written and shared inside Kippt. They work great if you want to quickly write down a meeting memo or draft a documentation for your new web service. They’re all Markdown formatted and you can write in fullscreen just in your browser.

For our existing users, there’s a whole ton of new features including batch editing for clips, @-mentions, realtime notifications and emojis. We compiled a short list here. We have also heard that there will be new 3rd party apps coming to support new features.

We hope that you enjoy the new Kippt and will find it useful in your everyday life.

Jori & Karri

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