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November 28, 2012 — by @jorilallo

clipApp on OS X

I did it. I created an app. I have had a few ideas for small Mac OS X apps for a while. However, nothing so simple that I dared venture out and spend time and money to get it done ever presented itself.

At Kippt we love to build things but what we love even more is to see others building on top of what what we have already created. Above quote is from a blog post by Henning Molbaek, a Kippt user, who created clipApp which is a small menubar app for Mac OS X to access and search your Kippt archive. APIs are a great starting point for prototyping something small and we’re happy to see that Kippt’s API for these kind of small projects.

ClipApp is Henning’s first Mac app and it’s a must have if you want a quick access to your links. It’s currently available via Mac App Store at 30% discount for the rest of the November ($3.99). So go download it now.

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