Updates from the community - Clippt v1.1 and Klippr for Meego

September 12, 2012 — by @jorilallo

At Kippt we love APIs and it shows in almost everything we do: our own web app and extension rely on our public API. On top of this we have integrations to probably 20 different 3rd party APIs (we literally lost count). For this reason we get really excited when we see others using Kippt’s API. Here are the latest updates from our developer community.

Clippt updated to 1.1 - New look and iPad support

Clippt is our favourite Kippt app for iOS and it has been fantastic to see Alex updating it. Version 1.1 just hit the App Store and it adds iPad support, landscape mode and new design among other things. You can read more about it here or download it from App Store.

With the new version Clippt also supports app urls and you can add a quick bookmarklet. Really handy!

Klippr for Meego

Martin Borho has been working on a Meego client, Klippr, for Nokia’s N9 and N950 devices. It’s still in beta but developing fast. He also ended up open sourcing it so you can contribute on the project at GitHub.

Dribbble shots!

There’s also designers using Kippt and it’s fascinating to see how they envision what Kippt would look like on mobile. Here are few shots from Dribbble. If you’re a developer, get in touch with these guys and helps them build these apps.

Kippt iPhone by Fabio Basile

Kippt for Windows Phone and Windows 8 by Corey Ginnivan

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