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August 16, 2012 — by @karrisaarinen

We all use plenty off apps and services, many of them have links. To help you keep track of all your favorite links, we created App Sync.

App Sync

App Sync

App Sync lets you automatically pull the links from your favorite apps and and services to our system, where we make them fully searchable. At the moment we support Twitter, Github, Pocket and Readability and we’re adding more services as we speak.

› Check out: App Sync

Full-page Archives BETA


Another thing we’re excited to announce today, which we will roll as a beta feature for pro users, is full-page archives for your links. So any link to save or sync to us, we can make full-page copy of it, including text, graphics and all assets, and it’s there even if the site goes away.

› Signup for the beta Archive

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