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August 08, 2012 — by @jorilallo

New Chrome extension

Lately we have been working hard on improving extensions for Kippt. As the extension is your main interface when saving links to Kippt, it needs to be perfect in many ways. Our old one was good but it was slow to load and waited for the clip to be saved. When it comes to saving links, it’s all about milliseconds and we wanted to make the new extension as fast as possible.

Kippt’s new Chrome extension is build from ground up, with new design and more relevant features. Thanks to new design, it loads immediately, and you can save pages without waiting for them to save; it all happens in the background. Other new features include:

  • Duplicate check: Extension check if you have already saves the link and you can use the extension to modify it
  • Create new lists: You can easily create new lists in the extension and set their privacy
  • Toggle Read Later: As you can flag links for read later in Kippt, it makes sense to do this already in the extension
  • Easy sharing: Once you have connected services to your Kippt account, you can easily share you links to Twitter, Facebook or your favourite read later service (we support Instapaper, Readability and Pocket)

Install Chrome extension or visit Kippt Tools for updated bookmarklet and Firefox and Opera extension

Finally here: Safari extension

Kippt Safari extension

After we had finished the new code for the Chrome extension we started working with one of our users, Joao Carlos, who translated the new extension to Apple’s Safari browser. This was possibly as all our extensions are open sourced and build on top of our public API. After the initial work by Joao we have now continued the development of the extension but we accept user contributions via GitHub.

Download Kippt Safari extension

Schedule your posts with Buffer

Kippt hearts Buffer

Buffer is neat service for scheduling your tweets and other posts. We have been friends with the Buffer team for a while now and thanks to our new extensions, Kippt is also adding Buffer integration. Buffer is great when working with a team and you want to time your tweets better. Thanks to Kippt and shared lists, you can all use one tool and save your shared links into one place for archiving and discussions.

To enable Buffer just head to Connection settings and connect your account with them. After that you can choose which profile you’re using for sharing. Once you have done that, Buffer will appear in your Kippt extension.

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