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August 01, 2012 — by @karrisaarinen


About you

I’m a student from Aalto University in Helsinki, finishing my studies in International Design Business Management. I started using Kippt when I was searching references for my Masters’ thesis, and have found lots of other ways to use it too!

How do you use Kippt

I like to host parties with my friends, but finding the perfect place is sometimes difficult. As we organize these events on our free time as a hobby, we don’t really use any project management software but rather have tons of to-do lists on paper. Getting a venue for an event usually requires going through a large amount of websites. I use Kippt to keep track of all the possible venues that I’m interested in, and then add details (like contact info and prices) to the comments. I also change the notes of each link when I’ve called some place or if they are not available.

What is the benefit / why do you use it

Keeping a list on Kippt is a great way to remember whom I’ve already talked to and which places I still need to call! Now that you’re able to share the lists too, other people can check out the venues easily and leave their concerns or suggestions. Doing this by email or through shared documents always ends up in a mess, but in Kippt it’s easy to deal with one thing at a time.

What’s your favorite thing about Kippt

I’m interested in a lot of different things and stumble upon inspiring articles throughout the day, but might not have the time to read them instantly. When I previously left dozens of tabs open on my browser, I can now send the pages to Kippt. This keeps my desktop clean and simple!

Follow Jemina’s lists on Kippt: jlehmuskoski on kippt

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