How Sponsorfied uses Kippt to build their startup

July 17, 2012 — by @karrisaarinen

The founders: David Matthews, Baldwin Cunningham, Stuart Ross and Cullen Wilson.

I chatted with Sponsorfied co-founder & CEO Cullen Wilson about how they use Kippt within their startup.

Tell us about Sponsorfied

Sponsorfied is a platform and marketplace for sponsorships. We help brands manage the entire end-to-end sponsorship process, as well as connect them with more relevant opportunities. Big brands like Red Bull, Pop Chips, and PBR use us to find and sponsor opportunities they wouldn’t have otherwise seen, as the Sponsorfied platform allows them to do it all online.

How do you use it?

We use Kippt to share and comment on useful links internally. We are still a small and scrappy team, meaning we have new ideas and concepts we’re working on every day, and being able to collect and share ideas in an organized way is really important. Kippt makes it super easy to do just that.

For example, we’ve recently begun work on our revamped profile pages, and our designer needed as many examples of what we all thought were great examples from around the web. We used Kippt to create a collaborative list called “Profile Page Examples”, and everyone on the team added their favorites as well as what they liked about them. With comments we were able to discuss each one, and now we have a solid idea of how we’re building ours. If we would have done this with email it would have been a nightmare!

What kind of benefit you see using Kippt?

It’s a great way for the entire team to collect useful things in one place, as well as collaborate and discuss the items that are useful to us as we build out our product. This could be anything from design examples and developer tools, to tracking industry news and press for the future.

I also love the discovery aspect of Kippt. I don’t just have to rely on my team to find interesting content that might be valuable to me. I can follow my peers and anyone from the Kippt community who are likely discovering content that I wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

What’s your favorite Kippt trick?

Instead of emailing myself interesting links and flooding my inbox, now I send it all to Kippt. The Google Chrome extension is great as well.

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