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July 10, 2012 — by @karrisaarinen

Finding great ideas often requires discovering something different.

It’s the story about how a founder succeeded, that piece code that solved the issue, the design that inspired you. Our attention is being captured by streams that are dominated with everything new, and which page has the highest rank or which is the most shared. But usually new things happen and are being discovered by contrarians, looking in places that other people are not looking.

With Kippt we wanted to build a place for your links, whatever they are, and make it easy to share between people around specific contexts, like your team or around a topic. Discovering the interesting things people store was the next step.

The story might not be a worth much for your Facebook friends, but it might be the lifesaver for someone else like you. A great essay from two years ago, is still interesting even if it’s not new.


To highlight some of the great content we have, we created a Discover page. We’ll continue improving it with new ways to find lists and people that interest you.

Your Feed

When you follow a user, or one of their lists, all their updates will show up in your feed, and can be commented and save for later. If you don’t want to follow some topics, you can just unfollow them.

Start building your lists

Building a lists and sharing them publicly is a great way to show what you care about, what you think is useful and interesting. Start building your lists today. That’s all for now.

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