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July 02, 2012 — by @jorilallo

We released our Chrome extension as open source few months ago (see our blog post). We have now released the version 1.0.8 of the extention to Chrome Web Store which includes few interesting changes:

  • Search your clips in Chrome’s omnibar with keyword k (type the keyword and press tab or spacebar)
  • You can save the current page or a link to your Inbox by right clicking it and selecting Save to Kippt
  • Highlighted text can also be saved to Kippt with the right click

While the last two are implemented by our team, the omnibar search was added by our user Bertil Chapuis. It’s a fantastic way to access your saved clips and we have found it to be really useful with Kippt. If you’re a Chrome user, the extension should auto-update but you can also install it from:

Install Kippt Chrome extension

In case you’re a developer, you can find our extensions from Kippt’s GitHub account. Thanks again to Bertil for his help!

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