Kippt Meetup in Helsinki next Tuesday (29.5.2012)

May 25, 2012 — by @jorilallo

Kippt Meetup

It’s getting warmer here in Finland so we decided that it would be nice to get out instead of just pushing new code. This is why we’ll be hosting our first meetup in Helsinki next Tuesday.

If you’re around, drop by and we’ll let you know what we have building for Kippt. We would also like to know how you’re using Kippt and how we could make it better. We might also have some stickers :)

PS. In June, we’re heading to San Francisco, so come say goodbyes and the next meetup will be there!

- Jori & Karri

The important stuff

  • Time: 29.5.2012 18:00
  • Location: Public Corner (Mikonkatu 15, Helsinki)

Public Corner, Mikonkatu 15

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