Open sourcing Kippt's extensions

March 19, 2012 — by @jorilallo

I'm happy to announce that we have decided to release Kippt's Chrome extension as open source. This means that anyone can fork, modify and improve it and everyone can enjoy they additions.

When we started building Kippt, one of our first task was to create a Chrome extension. It was a simple code that pulls a part of Kippt into a iframe. After some time people started to took our extension apart and port it to other browsers as it was relative easy. This was something we were totally ok with as we haven't had too much time to work on extensions for all the platforms. It's also a great feeling to see others build things on top of your app/platform.

Last week, two of our users notified us about their implementation of our extension to Firefox and Opera and they wanted to share their code with us. After some though, we decided to create MIT licensed projects to GitHub to which people could send their implementations as pull requests. Later we also released the source code for our Chrome extension.

So now we have a working extension for Chrome, Firefox and Opera. If you want to add keyboard shortcuts, you can just implement it and we can share the functionality with everyone using Kippt. We're still missing Safari but we created a repo for it if there's people familiar with the platform. If there's anything you need to implement to Kippt's iframe page, we're more than happy to do it in order to get better support.

kippt-chrome / Chrome Web Store

kippt-firefox / Mozilla Add-ons

kippt-opera  (Still waiting for approval from Opera)

kippt-safari (No Implementation)


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